Umino High School Breakwater Club Releases New Key Visual at Allanimenews

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Upcoming spring anime Umino High School Breakwater Club (Houkago Teibo Nikki) has revealed a new key visual! This sparkling new visual shows the breakwater club having fun enjoying some fishing together. In the background behind the girls, another figure can be seen watching over the club members. The anime is set to broadcast in April 2020.

Hokago Teibo Nisshi

Spring 2020 | Anime Info


The series focuses on an all-girls fishing club located in the Japanese countryside. Everything starts when Hina Tsurugi moves from the city to the boonies. She is definitely more of the indoor-type and isn’t very good with creatures. Her plan is to join her school’s handicraft club and enjoy her high school life to the fullest, but this changes when she bumps in Yuki Kuroiwa while on a stroll. Hina is somehow roped into Kuroiwa’s mysterious ‘Teibo Club’ and is forced to pick up fishing… What will her high school life be like with the unique members of her new club?


Original Work: Yasuyuki Kosaka

Director: Takaharu Okuma

Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo

Character Design: Katsuhiro Kumagai

Music: Miki Sakurai

Animation Production: Doga Kobo


Hina Tsurugi: Kanon Takao

Natsumi Hodaka: Natsumi Kawaida

Yuki Kuroiwa: Yu Sasahara

Makoto Ono: Satomi Akesaka


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